Queen of Shadows Book review

Sarah J. Maas you did it again..

This book is perfection..

If anyone who is reading this is familiar with my blog then you will know how much I’ve praised the Throne of glass series written by Sarah J. Maas already, but boy does it keep getting better! It is officially on the top of my list right now as far as YA books goes. I even dare say that this series is alongside my love for Harry Potter ( yea I  just said that ).It has been a while since I’ve felt this way about a series within this genre and it feels good to fall in love with characters like this again. I honestly just want to scream and rant about how much I love this book, but that wont make a sensible article so I’ll try to calm down and write this review as best as I can.

The way Sarah J. Maas crafted this book takes captivation to a whole new level. I felt almost everything each character felt and was enthralled by each page. This book never fails to give you twists and turns around each corner and it keeps you on your toes. Queen of Shadows is anything but predictable. Just when you thought you figured out the plot line you had another surprise waiting for you. It was simply magnificent to say the least.

In this book we see Celaena Sardothien fully embrace her true identity as Aelin Galathynius as we even see the shift in the witting of the book where her character is only referred to as Aelin. She heads back to Rifthold only to find out her beloved cousin has been captured by the king and her dear friend Prince Dorian has been compromised. Not only does she have to deal with these new turn of events, but the Rifthold she was used to has now changed. The captain of the guard, Choal, is now a rebel and there are Valg soldiers everywhere on behalf of the King.On top of that we finally get to see her interact with her old master Arobynn Hamel, the King of Assassins.

Also Manon Blackbeak’s story has finally picked up, I thought it was a bit slow in the previous book but it really improved in Queen of Shadows . I’ve grown to love her as much as the other main characters by this point as we see a more softer side of Manon, (well as soft as Manon Blackbeak can get). Without giving away too much of the book , lets just say we get the big stand off we’ve been waiting on since book one, between Aelin and a certain   “someone”  and its not at all what you’ll expect, its even better.Like I said Sarah J. Maas loves surprises!

I really hope you guys get a chance to read it, it’s truly a great read.There are more I’ll like to write about this book but I’m afraid I’ll give away too much , so I hope you enjoyed my review and thanks again for reading! 🙂




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  1. I don’t think I’ll ever get over her books. Sarah J. Maas is beyond amazing


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