Poison Study Book review

Hey everyone! So firstly I know I’ve been MIA for the year so far and that’s because 2016 has started off pretty hectic for me and I didn’t get a chance to write any book reviews these past couple of months. I actually completed this book late December last year and I’m only now getting around to making this post. So here’s to a very late Happy New year to everyone and now on to the review of Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder ­čÖé


This book really surprised me at how much I enjoyed it. I loved the tone of the series and the bits of hidden surprises I unraveled as I read through the chapters. This series had a perfect balance of mystery, action,adventure and romance that seemed to captivate you throughout the plot. I loved how the lead character, Yelena, was presented in this book. She was defined more so for her courage, strength and impeccable survival instincts rather than her romantic involvements as you see with so many other series. I definitely comment Maria V. Snyder for her wonderful character development and I can’t wait to read part two of the series.

Poison Study is the story of Yelena, who at the start start of the book is about to be executed for  murder. Before her execution she is offered a chance to live by  the chief of security, Valek. He gives her the choice of being a food taster for the commander of Ixia or face the death penalty. She then opts for the chance of a longer life by taking the job as food taster. However, as insurance to make sure Yelena complies with her new role, Valek  feeds her butterfly dust which is a lethal poison.Only Valek has the antidote for butterfly dust and she has to go to him daily  to obtain this antidote in order to keep the poison at bay. Not only does Yelena have her life threatened constantly by the chance of death by food poisoning or from butterfly dust, she also  discovers that she has magical powers that she cant control and magic is illegal in Ixia.

As the story unfolds we see the strength in Yelena as she overcomes these obstacles. I would recommend this book to YA readers out there. I would definitely say its one of the best in this particular category of fiction.I always read great reviews about this book and it did live up to its expectations.

As soon as I read part two , Magic Study, I will post another review and Thanks for reading ! ­čÖé



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