Trial by Fire Book Review

“Trial by Fire “ written by  Josephine Angelini was quite a nice read. I came across this book at a Barnes and Noble and I’ll admit I’m a sucker for pretty book covers and this one drew my attention. It seemed interesting enough for me to buy and so I gave it a shot and I’m glad I did. The pace of the storyline was consistent and it kept me interested throughout the book .

The story follows the main character Lily Proctor from  Salem who isn’t your typical teen. She has suffered with serious allergies all her life that prohibited her from doing your general day-to-day activities that everyone around her age were doing. One night Lily finally gets to go to her first  high school party with her best friend/ crush, Tristan and decides that shes going to make the best of it.  However what happened to Lily that night changed her life forever and she ended up somewhere she never thought possible. She was in Salem , but not exactly her version of Salem. This Salem is a lot more dangerous, filled with magic and terror and a lot more mysterious that Lily doesn’t understand. Yea you guessed it,  it’s a book about alternate universes!

Lily finds out that there are in fact multiple versions of herself and her hometown, but she was specifically brought to this one by none other than the “other version” of herself in this new Salem. In this environment Lily isn’t the same sickly,defenseless girl that she once was in her universe, but rather a powerful and influential character throughout the story as she realizes that what made her weak in her other life, is exactly what fuels her power in this new Salem. Though she fights to find her way back home she finds unexpected love and allies that makes her contemplate leaving them behind. She also knows that she was brought to this Salem for a reason , but doesn’t know why she was chosen.

I would recommend this book  if you’re looking for a nice quick read and  an interesting enough plot, I’d give it a three out of five rating. I will definitely continue the series and see how it unfolds, so I’m on to book two “Firewalker ”

Hope this was helpful and I’ll keep you guys updated! 🙂



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