Dorothy Must Die Book Review

I received a copy of this at New York Comic Con last month and it was signed by the author Danielle Paige. I wanted to read this for a while because the idea of a more dark, twisted version of the famous Wizard of Oz, where we actually have an evil Dorothy, was just too interesting to pass up. So having such great expectations for this book I was excited to finally start this , but now that I’m finished with it I have some mixed feelings .

The story follows Amy Gumm, another girl from Kansas who ends up in Oz by a tornado. However this Oz is nothing like the one she read about growing up. Its a very dark and unhappy place where mostly everyone is afraid of Dorothy who is now their ruthless princess. Dorothy is slowly draining Oz of all its magic for her own personal gain and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Amy is then involuntarily recruited by the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked. Their primary goal is to kill Dorothy to restore Oz back to its glory and they want Amy to be the one to kill her.Amy knows that getting rid of Dorothy is the best thing for Oz and for the safety of its people, but she battles with what’s right and wrong and whether she can take a life even if its Dorothy’s own.

I honestly was ready to give up on this book in the beginning. I thought it to be a bit dull and there were some parts where I just could not take seriously as I kept on reading. I was about to close the book and forget about this series ,but I forced myself to keep on reading and to my surprise it started to get really interesting.I was finally getting into the story and couldn’t put the book down , but then the ending came and I was left confounded. It did not feel like an ending at all, but rather a very rushed conclusion that left you asking yourself  “Is this really the end?”

This is why I have such mixed feelings about Dorothy Must die.How do I properly rate a book that had a boring start, great middle, but a disappointing end. I would definitely still read part two , The Wicked will Rise, but I probably wont be in any rush to do so. This book might be great for you and it never hurts to try.

I definitely liked Dorothy Must Die, but I cant say I loved it.

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  1. katiemriv says:

    Toni, I am so glad you posted a review on this book! I have recently purchased Dorothy Must Die, and was looking forward to reading it. I appreciate your forewarnings of the novel. I, too, am compelled by the idea of a darker Oz story. Now I know I just need to push through the beginning to get to the good stuff! 😉 Maybe I will get to the sequel too and let you know if it is any good…

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