End of year book challenge!

Hey there November!

So it’s the start of November and the end of 2015 is just around the corner. My goal is to finish reading the books in the above photo before the year is over. It may be a bit difficult seeing as I need to study for my commercial pilot license exam,but it’s definitely not impossible. 🙂

Even if I had a really busy day I try to commit to at least one hour of reading before I go to bed.However we all know what it’s like to be enthralled by a really good book and the next thing you know you’re up until 3 a.m still reading and you have no clue how the time went by so swiftly.You then wake up the next morning with a book hangover , tired and groggy , asking yourself how are you going to stay up for the next couple of hours at school.With all that being said I  really hope I can finish these lovely books and get those reviews out to you guys before we meet 2016.

Challenge accepted !



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