Heir of Fire book review

I  just finished reading the third installment in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas and as expected it was a great read. At the end of Crown of Midnight we see Celaena set off for Wendlyn and now we see what becomes of her while she’s in a new land where there’s still magic. I love that we keep learning more about Celaena now that we are introduced to the back story of Aelin Galathynius. We also get a better idea of what the King of Adarlan is up to and what exactly he’s been creating these past ten years.

In Heir of Fire we meet a few more characters as the story line develops on a wider scale. We get to read the point of view from all the different characters (Celaena, Chaol, Dorian, Aedion, Manon, Sorscha and Rowan) as we see how everything unfolds and falls into place. There is so much careful detail and every character’s story is so vital to what will lead up to an epic ending that I’m sure will eventually connect everything in the future books to come .I absolutely love how the author shapes and builds the character growth through out the series.

We see that Celaena now has to pick herself back up and really decide what and who she’s going to fight for as she overcomes her deepest fears and self doubt. She is trained by Rowan who is a Fae prince that pushes Celaena to her limits so that she can harness her powers and gain control of it.Back in Adarlan Chaol does all that he can to help his beloved friend Dorian, but also struggles with where his loyalty should be and what side he is meant to be on. While Dorain still tries to get a hold on his magic, he befriends the healer Sorcha who helps him find a way to surpress it. There is also Aedion Ashryver  who is a ruthless general for the King of Adarlan and a childhood friend of Aelin, but he may not appear to be the man his reputation has portrayed him as.Another new addition is Manon Blackbeak who is an ironteeth witch that, under the pressure of her grandmother, has to show her true worth to become Wing leader.

I’ll admit the beginning was a bit slow for me and I was slightly bored with Manon Blackbeak’s first couple of chapters, but the story really picked up and it was an amazing book. I haven’t felt this much excitement for a series in a while. Sarah J. Mass you keep surprising me, especially with these endings you keep giving us! I have to say though Rowan Whitehorn was my favourite character in this particular book. I hope to give you a review on Queen of Shadows soon 🙂

With love,


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